Good Bye Becky

Yesterday my family had to put down our beloved dog Becky.  She was almost 11 years old.  From the outside, she looked healthy.  But we weren’t sure of what was happening on the inside.  We had the vets run blood test twice, a urine culture twice and everything came back normal.

A few months ago Becky had a UTI.  She was peeing on the carpet in the house, which is something she never does.  We took her to vets, got the medication and thought that was that.  She continued to pee in the house and was drinking a lot more water than she needed.  Every time we would put the bowl down with water, she would devour it.  It got to the point that we could put down two or three bowls of water and it would all be gone.  The vet checked her kidneys and said they were fine.  She said it could be a psychological thing or it could be a form of diabetes that would require a ton of testing.  We just can’t afford it right now.  So we had to make the hardest decision to put her down.

I have never had to put an animal down before.  Becky left before her time was up but I know she is heaven, chasing her tennis ball, and running free with no pain.

She will be missed by all that came in contact with her.  She was so loving towards everyone.  Until we meet again Becky.



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